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Flood Disaster RecoveryFire damage, water damage or a sewage leak at your business premises can have a very significant effect on the company and its employees. Regularly assessing risks, and taking steps to reduce these, will help to tighten up operations and safeguard people. A Business Continuity Plan should enable emergency procedures to be implemented rapidly should the worst happen. Speed is of the essence in any disaster recovery situation, as the quicker action is taken the less damage is likely to occur, and the greater the number of assets that will be recoverable.


Fire Damage

Fire and soot contamination can leave any property in a terrible state, with secondary damage of a number of types likely. The acidic soot and smoke particles, often propelled under pressure during the fire, infiltrate every surface and can cause corrosion. Hazardous substances formed during combustion create a toxic environment, often impregnating furnishings and textiles, and the process of extinguishing the fire is likely to cause damage. If you are unfortunate enough to experience fire and smoke damage it is therefore essential that you take rapid disaster recovery action.

Each fire is unique and the damage needs to be dealt with using appropriate knowledge and experience to bring about the best possible results. Professional services are absolutely vital to ensure an effective restoration is performed, maintaining the structural integrity and value of your property.

Fire and smoke can cause damage to a property in many ways and the outcome will depend on building design, materials, temperature, pressure and weather conditions. Complete removal of soot and smoke will be required throughout the building, and sand blasting or ice blasting may be needed. Odour control techniques and building maintenance may also be needed. Fixtures and fittings that are salvageable will require detailed specialist cleaning to ensure that all incident related contaminants, such as smoke and soot, are completely removed, so that they are safe to use.


Flood or Water Damage

There are many causes of flooding and water damage from extreme external elements to minor plumbing malfunctions. Even if the cause of your damage is minor, the consequences can be devastating and can include damage to ceilings, floors and carpets, machinery, paint and insulation.

Flooding and water damage can bring the risk of significant financial losses for businesses and so it is important to limit the damage and carry out disaster recovery as soon as possible. Fast action ensures the best chance of restoring your property back to its original state, avoiding permanent damage and recovering the assets. The pressure of large volumes of water in severe floods may affect the structure and integrity of the property, so the clean-up operation should be handled by experts in disaster recovery management.

You will need to prioritise what needs to be done immediately, to mitigate further damage or to fast track the restoration of a key business area. At the same time, you can identify areas that can be left until urgent essential work is completed. The first actions will normally involve removing the standing water and recovering assets from the building, as well as checking whether there are any remaining leaks. Moisture levels can then be measured and a full record of damage made, before deploying appropriate technical drying equipment with a carefully controlled plan.

Depending on the nature of the building and the water damage, disinfection to destroy microorganisms and mould may be needed, together with odour neutralisation and removal of water stains. The building contents will need drying and usually restoring and cleaning by specialist technicians. Walkers provides specialist disaster recovery clean up services, and our fully trained technicians use the most up to date equipment and processes, to restore items to the best condition possible.


Sewage Clean Up

Sewage spills are unpleasant and can cause vast disruption to your business. Raw sewage can contain a variety of bacteria, viruses and parasites that can cause serious illness, and there is also a risk from unknown chemicals. Spills from sewage pipes can spread quickly, so it is essential that they are dealt with quickly and effectively to minimise exposure and contain the spread.

The team at Walkers understands the risks and dangers associated with sewage spills and our fully trained technicians offer a comprehensive sewage clean up service. This ensure that spills are contained and cleaned up safely, in a quick and cost effective manner, which is considerate to the environment.

Prompt disaster recovery is vital to return the affected property to its pre-incident condition as quickly as possible, minimising secondary damage and disruption. Our expert teams provide a rapid response and are available 24/7, to assess the damage and recommend and implement the most effective course of action. Minimising the time at the business is out of operation requires a carefully planned programme of work to ensure that restoration is completed safely and on budget.

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