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Periodic Cleaning is an important aspect within building management and can maintain or return the surfaces and fabrics to as good as new. The premises which you operate from is a representation of your business and is the first thing people see when they enter your building. Therefore, the upkeep is extremely important to ensure a good initial impression is made. Your building is also an asset, and protecting that asset and maintaining it through regular periodic cleaning can save you large sums of money and protect that investment.

Over the years, Walkers have delivered periodic cleaning services to over 300 properties including Schools, Hospitals, Health Centres and Offices. Identifying that each industry has its own KPI requirements and Cleaning Specifications is vital, for example, certain requirements of a Hospital may not be necessary within an Office Space. The principle of the Cleaning however remains the same, and that is to ensure areas not normally captured within a daily clean are completed to a high standard, as per the cleaning specification.


1.      What Services Are Normally Included in A Periodic Cleaning Service?


Periodic Cleaning is normally regarded as “Specialist Cleaning” or “Enhanced Cleaning” and is not captured within a daily cleaning specification. This makes sense in terms of time, budget and health and safety requirements onsite. Services included within Periodic Cleaning are:


2.      How Often Should This Take Place?


There are many specification outputs when it comes to periodic cleaning, and this mainly comes down to the type of building and industry sector. However, there may be other factors such as risk management and cost. It is important to correctly assess the time to complete a task against the risk of completing works. However, periodic cleaning should be completed as a necessity to ensure the building fabrics are maintained and ensure that you are compliant with you tenant or lease agreement. We have created a chart below showing the recommended frequencies for periodic cleaning. These may vary depending on your specification or lease requirements.


Service Recommended Frequency Per Annum
Window Cleaning 4
Carpet Cleaning 2
Kitchen Deep Cleaning 1
Hard Floor Cleaning 2
High Level Cleaning 1
Washroom Deep Cleaning 4
IT Equipment Cleaning 2
External Building Cleaning 2
Gutter Cleaning 2
Wall Washing 1


3.      What Are the Benefits of Periodic Deep Cleaning?


Periodic cleaning is a vital service that ensures your building maintenance is being correctly managed. It is also beneficial to maintain and enhance the appearance of your facilities, keeping the aesthetics of the building preserved. Building and facility managers also have periodic tasks that need to be achieved for example, duct work Kitchen Cleaning is required each year for insurance purposes. Other benefits of a Periodic Deep Cleaning Service include:

  1. Clean and hygienic building for its users.
  2. Compliant cleaning and maintenance work for maintaining your building’s warranty.
  3. Ensuring you are meeting your client’s KPI targets.
  4. Reduce frequency and cost of building renovation.
  5. Retain a premium feel for your building.


4.      How To Implement an Effective Schedule?


You may be tasked with organizing cleaning for your building and be unsure how to implement an effective and cost-efficient Periodic Cleaning Schedule. Ensuring you have the correct specification in place is vital to maintain the aesthetics of the building. It must be responsive to the different surface types and nature of the building whilst always mitigating risk. Be sure you have a timetable in place for achieving the periodic cleaning goals and make sure there is a thorough Risk Assessment and Method Statement in place.

How can we help?

Walkers has over 60 years’ experience with Periodic Deep Cleaning, providing specialist services from Hard Floor Deep Cleaning to High Level Cleaning. During this time, we have implemented countless periodic schedules within different sectors such as Hospitals and Schools. We have helped our clients achieve a high level of cleanliness with a cost-efficient approach, bringing great value for money.

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