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The Reach and Wash window cleaning method allows commercial window cleaning companies to clean windows up to 85 feet high, with the operative standing on the ground. The system uses a large, extendable, water-fed pole, through which water is pumped to the brush on the head. Soft filament brushes at the top allow stubborn stains to be removed from windows, without damaging the frames. These brushes are so kind to the surfaces that they are ideal for use on heritage properties and sensitive glass structures, such as stained glass windows.

Reach and Wash window cleaningReach and wash window cleaning uses pure, deionised water, which is particularly good for cleaning windows. Tap water contains minerals and chemicals, which means that it dries very quickly when it hits the window and the minerals often cause white streaks. Pure water on the other hand, dissolves small particles and minerals on the windows very quickly. The soft-filament brushes help to dislodge stubborn particles and the constant stream of water washes away all the suspended dirt to leave a streak-free finish. The deionised water dries to leave a smear-free finish and sparkling windows.

Traditional window cleaning with chemicals leaves a residual detergent film, which tends to attract dirt and helps it stay there, so windows tend to get dirtier quicker. Windows cleaned with pure water are likely to stay clean for longer, as there is nothing left for dirt to stick to. Pure water is also better for buildings as it is less likely to speed up the decay of paintwork, and it doesn’t matter if some spills on flowerbeds or other sensitive areas, as it is just water.

What other benefits does reach and wash window cleaning bring?

Traditional window cleaning involves buckets and ladders, but as well as being quite slow, there are significant safety risks associated with the use of ladders. Reach and wash avoids the risk of height related accidents, as the operative remains on the ground throughout, and it also saves the time spent climbing up and down the ladder. Walkers’ technicians are thoroughly trained to maximise the effectiveness of the system, whilst minimising the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, to support their health and wellbeing.

As the technology has developed, the height of windows that can be accessed has increased, so in many cases it can now be used in situations where cherry pickers or abseiling would have once been needed. This means the flexible technique is now suitable for many high-rise buildings. As well as improving safety, this reduces costs, because although the reach and wash equipment is expensive and requires ongoing maintenance, it is less expensive than other access techniques.

Reach and wash is environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used and there is no damage to landscaping or the immediate surroundings, as the pole is held by the operative on the ground. The privacy of residents or building occupiers is protected as the cleaning technician is a long way from the windows.

The technology has developed further to combat heavily soiled windows which have not been cleaned for a long period of time and now the Reach and Wash system includes a hot wash solution. This system enables the heavily soiling and staining to be removed with hot purified water to produce outstanding results first time.

Many people do not realise that the advances in reach and wash window cleaning now mean that it can often be used to replace much more expensive techniques, safely and with excellent results. At Walkers, it is our most frequently used method, so please contact us to find out how we can help you.