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Creating An Effective Back to Work Cleaning Strategy

Now that offices are returning to work, we have decided to share 5 tips to create an effective back to work cleaning strategy, ensuring an enhanced approach to combat COVID-19. We often do not think about the damage that can be created within our working environment if a cleaning strategy is out of date, or if the methods no longer work with the new and dangerous risks at stake with COVID.


1.      It’s Time To Re-Assess Your Cleaning Requirements

COVID-19 has changed the way we look at our cleaning requirements and has identified serious areas of concern in regard to bacteria and cross-contamination. Before COVID19, previous cleaning requirements overlooked the possibility of cross-contamination, especially in non-clinical buildings such as Offices or Schools. At Walkers, we believe the best way to prevent bacteria build up or cross-contamination is to Re-Assess the cleaning requirements for your site and implement a fresh approach to cleaning and maintenance that is tailored to your building. For example, this may be re-thinking your approach to the frequency of cleaning to high footfall areas such as reception areas, kitchens, and washroom facilities. Are you using the correct chemicals that target and kill bacterial and virus growth? Is there an effective touch point cleaning strategy to minimise cross-contamination in between cleans?  Walkers have worked with clients in Healthcare environments in which the cleaning requirements needed an immediate overhaul to ensure the safety of users. As a result of the changes, they have seen a massive overall improvement in KPI scores, that confirm everything is being done to ensure the site is clean and hygienic.


2.      Training, Health and Safety & PPE

Cleaning methods and techniques are changing quicker than ever with new innovations that improve the overall standard of cleaning. Now is the perfect time to implement training with cleaning operatives that improve the overall standard of works achieved. Training will also provide a much needed updated on the methods that will ensure your cleaning team is aware of the current risks involved with cleaning and ways to reduce these. At Walkers we have created a structured training and development plan that is core to improving the cleaning standards within your building. Key to this is training and guidance on COVID-19 Cleaning, which ensures the cleaning team is aware of the risks and effective methods that reduce cross-contamination for your building users. You will also want to ensure your Health and Safety methods are up to date and current with the new legislation.


3.      Implement New Methods of Work

Implementing a new cleaning strategy can often bring uncertainty and confusion to the existing cleaning team which in return reduces the level of cleaning service achieved. At Walkers, we ensure our cleaning teams receive the correct guidance when implementing new methods of works. Shadow training with our experienced cleaning operatives provides clarity within the teams and grows confidence to achieve the new standards.  Implementing new methods of works will play a vital role in ensuring your new cleaning requirements are met each day. Make sure you have an effective strategy in place that monitors progression and performance.


4.      KPIs & Auditing

With every cleaning contract there are KPI targets set to monitor the overall performance of the cleaning service. When was the last time you reviewed your cleaning KPI targets? 2019? Longer? As part of your Back to Work Cleaning Strategy, it may be the time to review these and implement new targets specific to the current climate. You may want to introduce a more thorough approach to washroom facilities and touch point cleaning, as high traffic areas possess a high risk. Walkers will complete a full site inspection and look at areas of High Risk, implementing these within our Audit System.


5.      Touch Point Cleaning & Electrostatic Spraying

General cleaning can only do so much to prevent cross contamination but there is a more enhanced service available to improve the level of cleaning standards achieved. Touch Point Cleaning can be an effective approach that reduces the risk of cross contamination within your building, especially within high footfall areas such as entrance lobbies, communal corridors, and washroom facilities. You should consider Touch Point Cleaning as an important step to reduce the risk of your building users contracting COVID19 and other illnesses.

Electrostatic Spraying is another service which is relatively cheap and highly effective in reducing the risks involved with COVID19 and should be considered as part of your new cleaning strategy. Effective disinfectant solutions are used in conjunction with the spray gun that provides an electrostatic charge to improve the application of the product. It will provide your site with much-needed protection against COVID19 and give you peace of mind that a strategy and fail safe solution is in place.


If you need advice on an effective back to work cleaning strategy, please feel free to Contact Us. Our team would love to discuss how we can help with your requirements.