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Specialist External Cleaning

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Walkers provides a wide range of external building cleaning services, helping property owners, managers and occupants keep their facilities in the best condition. Our operatives are fully trained in all appropriate cleaning techniques and work within the safety guidelines and requirements. We will undertake a detailed survey of your premises and recommend the most suitable cleaning solution.

External Brick and Stone Cleaning

Different types of substrate require different cleaning methods to ensure that dirt and organic matter is effectively removed without causing damage. We use the DOFF steam cleaning system for many types of surfaces, which is a high temperature steam-based cleaning system with a nozzle temperature up to 150°C. It is suitable for removing paint, biological matter, and general dirt and grime, without causing damage to the substrate. Uses include building restoration, factory and food processing plant cleaning, hygiene control, chewing gum removal and graffiti removal. 

Cladding Cleaning

Walkers specialises in the cleaning of all types of cladding including anodised stainless steel, plastic and powder coated. We carry out both high and low level cladding cleaning, providing all the protection necessary to minimise disruption and inconvenience to the public, your employees and the surrounding environment. In many cases we use a reach and wash system to clean and successfully restore cladding, from the smallest building to very large warehouses, with a reach of up to 80 feet. Where this is not the right solution, there are many other methods at our disposal including pressure washing and steam cleaning using hydraulic platforms.

High Level Cleaning

When we undertake high level cleaning, we ensure that all of our people are fully trained and work to stringent health and safety standards. Our job managers complete a thorough risk assessment before they start work on any high level cleaning operation. All of our operatives work to industry best practice, utilising specialist equipment such as scissor lifts and self-propelled booms. This not only ensures their safety, but also allows the high level cleaning work to be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible. At Walkers we have our own highly trained specialist rope access teams, whose expertise can offer cost effective solutions to the cleaning of areas that are difficult to reach. This provides a cost and time effective alternative to the erection of fixed scaffold systems, and also allows more flexibility in when the work is carried out.

Methods of high level cleaning vary, but the principle objective is to create a programme of work that will maintain high level structures and areas in a condition where dust and residues do not significantly accumulate, thus maintaining appearances and reducing the risk of contamination or pest infestation. We fully understand how disruptive it can be whilst we clean the higher-level areas of your building, so we can agree a suitable out of hours schedule to minimise this issue.

Gutter Cleaning

A regular gutter clear out is recommended to increase gutter lifespan and keep them free from debris. At Walkers, we can clean and maintain all types of gutters, regardless of type, position and condition, and work on any type of building in London or the South East. Gutters direct rainfall away from buildings to protect the outer skin of the property and the foundations, so if there is a problem it can cause water damage to your property.

Walkers cleans gutters, gullies and downpipes. When the building has more than 2 floors our operators work from the safety of the ground using the Omnipole GutterVac system. This allows us to reach previously inaccessible areas with ease, and is particularly useful in high buildings in London where access is difficult.

Pressure Washing

Walkers specialises in the high pressure cleaning of exterior surfaces, which is a fast and effective method. Our experienced team can apply various machinery, techniques and pressures to suit most hard surfaces including stone, PVC, concrete and even exterior furniture cleaning. By using the latest, high powered machinery and equipment we are able to remove any moss, dirt or debris from a hard surface effortlessly.

Graffiti Removal

Walkers’ fast and effective graffiti removal services return surfaces to their original state, without leaving marks or shadowing. Our technicians undergo specific training and we use the DOFF steam cleaning system.

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