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Commercial Cleaning

At Walkers Cleaning Services we deliver a professional and efficient cleaning service for all commercial properties in London and the South East. All of our staff are extremely experienced and fully trained to a high standard.

Daily Commercial Cleaning Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Pressure Washing

Cladding Cleaning Hard Floor Cleaning Kitchen Deep Cleaning

High Level Cleaning Washroom Deep Cleaning Solar Panel Cleaning

Daily Commercial Cleaning

Walkers Cleaning Service provides a flexible, bespoke daily commercial cleaning service to the office, retail, school and leisure sectors across London and the South East.

We pride ourselves on a professional approach to manage and maintain our client's specific daily needs. Delivering excellence is achieved through highly skilled and experienced cleaning operatives with the necessary training and support to meet the needs of the modern environment.

This is enhanced through the latest innovative cleaning methods and equipment coupled with a strict monitoring policy with regular planned and Ad Hoc site audits by a contract manager to ensure cleaning standards remain at the highest level and meet client expectations.

Walkers Cleaning Service provide cleaning services for a number of valued clients across many different sectors and continually demonstrate cost saving ideas without compromising service standards.

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Carpet Cleaning

We use the most up to date carpet cleaning equipment and most effective products and procedures to optimize the results of your carpet. All of the products used for carpet cleaning conform to the COSHH safety guidelines.

We do this by using a clean hot water extraction method and the most advanced cleaning chemicals on the market today which removes dirt, stains and germs from your carpets which a Hoover cannot remove to leave it clean and fresh.


Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery has a wider range of materials and fabrics which need to be dealt with in different ways. Our staff will be able to identify an appropriate cleaning method for a particular material to ensure the best possible results and leave your upholstery looking re-vitalised and clean.


Pressure Washing

Walkers cleaning services specialises in the high pressure cleaning of exterior surfaces. Pressure washing is a fast and effective method for cleaning all types of exterior surfaces. The experienced team can apply various techniques to suit most hard surfaces including stone, PVC, concrete and even exterior furniture cleaning. The team have a variety of equipment and a range of machines with different pressures to suit all work undertaken. By using the latest, highly powered machinery and equipment we are able to remove any moss, dirt or debris from a hard surface effortlessly. Our professional cleaning services can deep clean and restore a wide variety of surfaces using an industrial high force power wash with a detachable flat surface cleaning system.

Cladding Cleaning

Walkers cleaning service specialize in the cleaning  of all types of cladding including Anodised, Stainless Steel, Plastic and Powder Coated.

We provide both high and low level cladding cleaning. We  provide all the protection necessary to minimise disruption and inconvenience to the public, client staff and the surrounding environment. To achieve the best results we use a reach and wash system to clean and successfully restore cladding , from the smallest warehouse or factory to very large warehouses with a reach of up to 72 ft.

In some cases Reach and Wash System may not be the right solution for you, if so there are many other methods at our disposal including pressure washing and steam cleaning using hydraulic platforms.

Our operatives are fully trained in all appropriate cleaning techniques and work within the safety guidelines and requirements. Where pressure or steam cleaning is not appropriate, we will advise you of and provide you with a suitable cleaning solution.


Hard Floor Cleaning

Our staff have years of experience in hard floor cleaning and maintenance allowing us to attain the best results possible and will be able to deal with any problem put their way. There are numerous different types of hard floors available which all require a different method to optimize the cleaning results. This is why with our experience, knowledge and methods we are able leave the best outcome possible.


Kitchen Deep Cleaning

We as a company recognise the importance of providing a clean and hygienic kitchen for your employees and your business and aim to leave it looking spotless and immaculate.

Our team are able to descale, degrease and remove deposits off of everything and anything from canopies and extractor fans to ovens and deep fat fryers to leave them looking pristine and most importantly within the Health and Safety regulations.

Our clients are most important to us and we aim to fit around the requirements of the client. We are able to schedule kitchen deep cleans to suit you to allow for minimum disruption to your business by working out of hours or at weekends to ensure there is little inconvenience.  

Our deep cleans are tailored to your specific needs and it is our job to bring your facilities to the highest standards of cleanliness.


High Level Cleaning

When undertaking High Level Cleaning, we ensure that all of our people are fully trained in and work to stringent health and safety standards. Our job managers complete a thorough risk assessment before they start work on any high level cleaning operation.

Everyone of our high level cleaning operatives work to industry best practices utilising specialist equipment such as scissor lifts and self-propelled booms, not only to ensure their safety, but also to allow the high level cleaning work to be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We fully understand how disruptive it is to you whilst we clean the higher-level parts of your building, so we will aim to agree with you a suitable out of hours time period to undertake this high-level cleaning work with minimal disruption to your operations.

At Walkers cleaning services we have our own highly trained specialist rope access teams whose expertise can offer cost effective solutions to the cleaning of areas that otherwise are only accessible by the erection of fixed scaffold systems, which not only adds time, but also introduces the risk of potential cross–contamination from wooden deck boards and building site debris.

Methods of high–level cleaning vary from area to area, but the principle objective is to create a programme of work that will maintain overheads and high level structures in a condition where dust and residues do not accumulate to a level where product contamination or infestation can occur.

Schedules can be designed in conjunction with production staff to plan the work and methods to achieve this consistently over a period of time with minimum disruption to manufacturing schedules.


Washroom Deep Cleaning

Walkers cleaning services provide quality, specialised deep cleaning services for washrooms and toilets throughout London and the south east. Our advanced toilet deep cleaning services will enable you to maintain your washroom hygiene standards at a cost-effective rate. As part of the washroom deep clean service, primary pipe work is cleaned of potential blockages and plug chains, grouting and similar washroom items are cleaned or replaced. Also, all washroom and toilet surfaces are deep cleaned to the highest possible standard by our friendly and efficient teams of specialized cleaners.

As an experienced washroom deep cleaning company, we understand our client’s washroom deep cleaning needs and tailor our washroom deep cleaning services to suit each individual customer. Our extensive training program and advanced toilet deep cleaning equipment means you can rely on us to take care of all your washroom hygiene and toilet deep cleaning needs.


Solar Panel Cleaning

In order for maximum results we use a telescopic water fed pole system with 100% purified water and specialist brush heads to gently clean and remove any residue and dirt from the solar panels. This allows for a spotless finish without leaving any water marks to get the most out of your solar panels.

All our staff are professionally trained with this specialised system to optimize the results of your solar panels to leave them immaculate. By using this method of cleaning we are able to get to heights in an extremely safe process and abide by all Health & Safety Regulations.

We recommend that your solar panels should be cleaned at least twice a year in order to maximise their output and efficiency. It would be especially beneficial for solar panels to be cleaned between May and August as this is when they are exposed to the most sun.