Walkers provides a professional and efficient specialist cleaning service for commercial properties. All of our technicians are fully trained to a high standard and experienced in carrying out a range of services.

Daily cleaning

Walkers provides commercial daily cleaning to organisations throughout the UK. We understand the importance of a clean working environment and are dedicated to providing a high quality service that provides true value for money. Our services are tailored to individual needs and can include washroom services, waste services and portering as required.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets in commercial environments, such as offices, are subject to heavy traffic and can quickly get dirty and stained, affecting your professional image. They also represent a significant cost, so it’s important to ensure they are maintained properly. We use the most up to date carpet cleaning equipment, with the most effective products and procedures, to optimise cleaning of your carpet. Our clean hot water extraction method with the most advanced cleaning chemicals, removes dirt, stains and germs from your carpet to leave it clean and fresh. All of the products used conform to the COSHH safety guidelines.

NHS and clinical deep cleaning

Poor hygiene in healthcare establishments such as hospitals, GP surgeries and dentists can put people’s lives at risk as infections can spread quickly, so there is strict legislation surrounding the standards that must be maintained. Walkers’ professional specialist cleaning and disinfection service is carried out by our well trained team using safe systems of work. Thorough and efficient cleaning ensures removal of microbes, preventing the spread of infectious diseases. We work with NHS trusts to ensure high standards of cleanliness throughout their facilities and provide emergency services as required.

We also carry out ambulance and emergency vehicle cleaning and disinfection, where blood, vomit and other bodily fluids are likely to be present. Thorough cleaning of all areas is required to reduce the risk of disease or infection spreading.

Hard floor cleaning

Our employees have many years of experience in hard floor cleaning and maintenance, allowing us to attain the best results possible and they will be able to deal with any problem put their way. There are numerous different types of hard floor types, including stone, concrete, terrazzo and wood, which all require a different method to optimise the cleaning results.

High level cleaning

We carry out high level cleaning for clients across a variety of sectors including warehousing, industrial production, distribution centres, food production and offices. We use specialist equipment and carry out a through risk assessment before each project.

Washroom deep cleaning

We provide specialised washrooms deep cleaning services throughout the UK, enabling you to maintain your cleanliness and hygiene standards at a cost-effective rate. As part of the washroom deep clean service, primary pipe work is cleaned of potential blockages and plug chains, grouting and similar washroom items are cleaned or replaced. Also, all washroom and toilet surfaces are deep cleaned to the highest possible standard by our friendly and efficient teams of specialist, fully trained cleaners.

Upholstery cleaning

Regular upholstery cleaning will ensure that office furnishings are kept in top condition, increasing their lifetime. The wide range of upholstery materials and fabrics need to be dealt with in different ways and our expert technicians will assess your needs and identify the most appropriate cleaning method to ensure your sofas, chairs and other fabrics look re-vitalised and are clean.

Kitchen deep cleaning

A clean and hygienic commercial kitchen is important to comply with Health and Safety legislation, as well as to ensure the health of your employees and customers and your business’ reputation. Our team are able to descale, degrease and remove deposits from all kitchen equipment including canopies, extractor fans, ovens and deep fat fryers, leaving them in pristine condition. We schedule kitchen deep cleans to suit your requirements, causing minimum disruption to your business by working out of hours or at weekends if needed.

24/7 emergency cleaning

At Walkers we are experienced in specialist emergency cleaning and disinfection services, ensuring that harmful or hazardous situations are dealt with in a prompt, safe, discrete and legally compliant way.

Safe clean-up of biohazardous fluids

Flood damage clean up

Sewage clean up

Building cleaning after fires

More services

Commercial kitchen cleaning

Maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen environment

Commercial high level cleaning

We provide high level cleaning to food production units, warehouses, sports halls and more