The beauty of this product is that is lasts for 12 months on high traffic areas and for the lifetime of other surfaces. This solution helps to reduce cross contamination as bacteria and virus can’t survive on the treated surface. The solution is professionally applied by our technicians to your chosen high traffic areas which can include handles, chairs, tables, school playground equipment, hand rails, lift buttons, tech screens, gym equipment etc. The product has undergone viral testing to ISO 21702:2019 standards and has shown to effectively reduce SARS CoV-2 and tests show TGEV-Coronavirus strain is reduced by 99.8°/o in 8 hours. Extensive bacterial testing has also been carried out which has shown to effectively reduce bacteria by up to 99.99°/o within 24 hours.

Viral testing to BS ISO 21702:2019 standards which has included testing on Feline Coronavirus, Munich strain which was reduced by 90% within 2 hours and SARS-Cov-2. Bacterial testing to ISO 22196: 2011 standards showed that the spread of bacteria was reduced by 99% within 24 hrs.

The clear coating can be applied to many items including handles, doors, tables, desks, lift buttons, chairs, worktops and tech screens too. Touch dry after 30 minutes depending on the surface and fully dry after 12 hours (depending on the surface being covered). Guaranteed to last for 12 months on high-traffic areas and for the lifetime of the item on other surfaces.