Our services

Walkers have been providing commercial window cleaning services nationwide for more than 50 years with extensive in-house capability and experience. We utilise a range of window cleaning techniques to ensure the safest, most effective and cost-efficient operations.

Reach and wash window cleaning

At Walkers we specialise in reach and wash window cleaning, which uses telescopic carbon fibre poles to reach windows up to 80 feet high. Reach and wash uses a five stage water treatment system removing all impurities leaving you with 100% pure water. This system can be operated from the ground, so it is the safest way possible to clean exterior high windows.

Therefore, there is no need to hire expensive access equipment or install costly eyebolts/ladder ties. In addition, the 100% purified water absorbs dirt more readily and dries quickly to a clean and smear free finish. In conclusion, the Reach and Wash system is a cost effective and safe method to achieve a high standard of window cleaning.

Cleans windows, atria, panelling, canopies and facia to a spot free finish

Environmentally friendly, as no detergents or chemicals are used

Cleans frames at the same time as the glass

Reduces disturbance and maintains privacy whilst saving you money

Traditional window cleaning methods

Window cleaning via traditional methods remains an integral part of our service, as reach and wash may not be suitable for some tasks. This may include inside buildings, shop fronts, ground floor windows or when working from specialist access equipment.

Traditional methods include the use of microfibre glass cleaning cloths, a squeegee and T-bar and sleeve to clean glass up close to leave a clean and smear free finish. High level areas can still be cleaned this way using telescopic extension poles, enabling operatives to continue to work from the safety of the ground.

Hydraulic platforms/cherry pickers

For window cleaning on buildings with awkward or restricted access we may need to use Cherry Pickers (Hydraulic Platforms). Our window cleaners are highly experienced trained operators of powered access platforms and are members of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF).

A free survey is undertaken to ensure the correct and most cost effective machine is used for each job.

Abseil window cleaning

Walkers offers a competitive and cost-effective range of rope access services for window cleaning at height and in awkward places. Abseiling techniques can often be the only way of gaining access without causing damage or disruption to the surrounding environment. We acknowledge that high level access is a potentially hazardous activity, which is why safety is always at the forefront of our thinking.

Our rope access team are highly experienced, fully insured and IRATA trained to tackle all types of structures and buildings, internally and externally. Each task comes with its own unique challenge which is why we provide a free on-site survey to determine the requirements. This includes a complete comprehensive method statement and risk assessment to ensure safety remains a priority.


Walkers specialises in cradle work for the higher buildings that pole and hydraulic systems cannot reach. A cradle system offers one of the safest ways to clean and maintain high level windows and all our employees are fully trained in the use of one and two man cradles.

Whatever type of cradle you have installed at your building, you can be confident that our highly trained staff can operate it correctly

Internal high-level Dragonfly system

The Dragonfly internal window and glass cleaning system is the safest and most efficient way to clean internal windows at height, reaching beyond 10 metres. Cleaning is carried out from the ground and can be used for windows, mirrors, cladding and stainless steel to give a sparkling and spot-free surface.

A telescopic pole is used, with a battery and pump mounted in a back pack, to deliver purified water to the glass surfaces. All surfaces are then cleaned and buffed using a microfibre cloth.

“Walkers provides a variety of window cleaning services including reach and wash, abseiling and via cherry picker. They are clearly highly trained and skilled in all aspects and always deliver a professional, high quality service. They are regarded as one of our most loyal and trusted contractors and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Head of Facilities Management